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Priceless11 started this conversation
Hello im a 40 year old mother of 8 and grandmother of 3.last year around this time we reloacted from Florida to Georgia leaving eveything behind for a new beginning, in that time we lived in motels for 3 month until my aunt and mother during the holidays had offered us to spend the Holidays at there homes.that was my Christmas gift that year a warm dinner and my famly was happy and not stuck in 2 rooms. She alowed me to stay until the begiining of Marrch it allowed me save moneyenoughmoney from my sons disability and Child support check and I was greatfully for that.Now this year we all live under one roof my 3 oldest are in college, I have 1 in H.S she is 16 and 3 in elementary 2 boys which are ages 5,9 and a girl which is 13. While there all in school during the day my 2 1 year old twin girls and 2 loving grandbabies 1 baby girl who is 1 and grandson who is 2 are home with me I want my kids to do better then me learn from her mistakes which I know the have We all live under one roof right now but it is really a essoned learned. at this time im only receving one check which is my sons i pay $600 in rent and by whatever necessities are need around the house. We dont have much but we have eachother but Im coming on here to ask for Christmas help at this time all agency in my area stop with their Christmas assistance I wish I would have known when it begun. I decided to google and found this website.I write this page to ask for assistance with my family with Christams toys and clothes. What every you may give we will all be grateful and Thank you ans someday hope someone in need.Thank and I appreciate ypo taking the time out to read my letter.
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